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Dr. Ben Gordon,


Hi my name is Ben Gordon, your friendly neighbourhood Chiropractor this summer! So a bit about me: 


After graduating as a Chiropractor in 2006 I initially practiced as an associate in various coastal clinics in eastern Australia. My passion for surfing and travel led me to southeast Asia, working as a Chiropractor extensively throughout Indonesia for 8 years. Upon returning to Australia I took a different direction from the beach life, to experience practicing in close knit community life in wheatbelt farming and mining regions.


2017 saw a year of exploring in Europe, whilst gaining a different Chiropractic perspective practicing in Belgium and Holland. After decades of a life of travel, surf and adventure I decided to acknowledge my increasing urge to reconnect with the country of my birth, New Zealand. Its wonderful to be back here and it feels like finally returning home to the greenest of pastures.


I primarily enjoy performing manual adjustments, yet also am comfortable with soft tissue techniques, drop table, activator, rehab exercises, and of course health and wellness education. I have worked as a Chiropractor with several local and national sporting teams in Australia, and have a wide variety of experience in many different types of Chiropractic environments.


I am by nature a friendly practitioner, a good communicator, and genuinely enjoy interaction with others. Looking forward to meeting and taking care of your health needs.


Bentley Gordon (Bach Sc, Bach Chiro)

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