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Dr. Gordon Winter,


I am from Liverpool, England (and an Evertonian), I grew up in Canada, went to university in America, and now live in New Zealand.  I'm a die-hard Edmonton Oilers ice hockey fan, and it's not uncommon for me to schedule patients around televised hockey games (there are 82 games between October and April, plus playoffs- hopefully).  I moved to Tairua in late 2013 with my lovely wife Jill and daughters Zoe and Eva.  I have a wonderful dog called Hope, who's the only girl in the house that listens to me.

I practised in the UK for 9 years and was on the medical squads of Everton and Bolton Wanderers Football Clubs, along with a few others now and then. Come into the Tairua clinic to see the signed Everton shirt that was a gift when Wayne Rooney was with the team!

Years ago I was certain that people didn't do their exercises and I was wasting my time in telling them to, so

I developed Video Rehab Solutions, an exercise prescription programme that allows practitioners like me to send patients exercises and monitor their activity remotely.  I was right.  80% of people don't do their exercises.  It doesn't stop me from telling people though.


As a chiropractic doctor, I have a special interest in the spine, but can diagnose and manage joint problems in the rest of the body.  I have a background in functional neurology (dizziness, falls prevention, etc), sports injuries, clinical nutrition, and lifestyle-influenced metabolic disorders (high cholesterol, Type II diabetes, etc). I work very closely with local healthcare professionals in order to help provide the best care possible for you.

I served as Policy Chair on the NZ Chiropractic Board from 2015 to 2019, and it isn't unusual for medical students to observe my practice in order to broaden their perspectives and hopefully improve future patient outcomes.

The best results come from helping people manage their condition at home, through diet, exercise, and lifestyle modification.  Occasionally people need maintenance care, but not everyone.  Bodies are like cars and I'm like a mechanic.  If you neglect your body, you'll probably break down more, so look after the one you've got.  


Have you ever heard of a spine transplant?  No?  Me neither.

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